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Businesses Vs COVID-19: Are you ‘ready’?

On a human level, the current situation surrounding Covid-19 I find frightening but also inspiring. Supporting healthcare professionals, teachers and the many other ‘key workers’ is, and should be, the priority. Like soldiers, they’re fighting and protecting us from an outside threat during this different type of World War. Currently I can only report my perspective on Covid-19's impact at a business level. Specifically, regarding the expansion and recruitment amongst the software vendors we represent.

Most of our clients have continued to push on with their hiring during this time. Why?

Whilst there is uncertainty around when the pandemic will end, what is certain is that, it will end. And without overlooking the very real and painful impact this is having on people’s lives, purely from a timeframe perspective and compared to a 2+ year economic recession, the worst of this will end soon.

So, the companies with a strategic approach to their expansion and the ability to continue recruiting, always do! There clearly needs to be some flexibility around when a contract is signed and the start date. But this is not uncommon even in normal circumstances. We’ve also seen zoom/video calls utilised more often. Again, not uncommon particularly with high growth software vendors expanding into new regions.

“If you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready”

I heard Will Smith say that once…

For companies that need to be more conservative right now, we’re seeing the final stage of their hiring process put on hold. Despite the cost/risk of stalling (this is amplified for ‘scale-ups’ leveraging funds to win their position in the market) they are at least ready to pull the hiring trigger as soon as possible. Therefore, softening the financial impact of delayed hires, speeding up their recovery time and enabling successful expansions into new regions.

If you oversee the growth of a region(s) in your organisation and you’ve been forced to stop hiring, don’t stop recruiting! The subtle difference over time will have a drastic effect on your long-term growth. Do send me a message if this situation resonates. We can structure a model to ensure you’re ‘recruitment ready’ and therefore one of the many companies that accelerates when we come out of this. Which is just a matter of, relatively short, time.

Stay safe, healthy and away from me!

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